Nine top tips for an organised office removal

BMS Transport’s office removals service has been assisting businesses of all scales based in South London in moving from one office, to their next one.

We understand that moving offices can be difficult and will undoubtedly present different circumstances when relocating.

Between our removal surveyors, move manager and removal team, we will manage the whole removal project whatever the particular circumstances may be.

Our expertly trained & friendly staff understand the difference between home removals service and office removals service and so we have a dedicated team that will tailor a move specific to every job – hence putting a smile on your face every time.

  • Plan in advance: Depending on the complexity of your IT systems, the size of your office and the amount of furniture you need to move, begin planning at least 12 weeks in advance. Create a list of tasks, the date they need to be carried out and by whom.
  • Prepare the workforce: Let your team know in advance so they will feel prepared for the big day. It’s a big change for them as well as for you. They need time to prepare themselves and factor in possible extra transport costs, along with starting to organise their belongings.
  • Maintain productivity: Adopt a ‘business as usual’ approach. If you are organised, there’s nothing stopping you carrying on with work right up until the move.
  • Update your details: Make sure that all current and potential clients / customers know you are moving premises. Get your business cards updated, along with the contact details on your website and social media profiles. You may think that’s pretty obvious but in the chaos of moving, it can be overlooked.
  • Delegate tasks: Clearly delegate responsibilities to different staff members or department managers in advance of the moving date. Many hands make light work.
  • Prioritise: Larger, more valuable items may need to be transported before others. And setting things up like your IT system and phone-lines means your employees can begin working in your new premises as soon as furniture is relocated.
  • Label furniture: Make sure that all furniture is appropriately labelled to correspond with its intended location and, if necessary, the staff member that it belongs to. Any boxes should also be labelled to indicate their contents.Choose different colours of labels for each workstation or office to identify quickly and easily where each item will be located.
  • Follow the floor plan: Before you move anything, grab the floor plan and start measuring items. Where is everything going to go? Will it fit? And what about the number of power points?

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