Student removals – the do’s and don’ts

Returning back to university for the New Year? Moving back home?

Our expert removals team can move you into your new student accommodation in no time or pack-up your belongings and move you back home.

We also offer low cost student storage solutions, perfect for keeping your belongings safe during the holidays.

Oh, and student’s get 10% off all BMS services!

Follow our guide to making your move a simple one….


Step 1: Do your research

Check with your university to see if they have any rules for moving, including dates and times to avoid any delay or complications.


Step 2: Clear the clutter

Sort through your belongings; throw out what you don’t need, and consider donating some of your unwanted items to charity.


Step 3: Book storage and transport

We collect, store and deliver your stuff. We ensure that our low-cost rates are complimented with secure storage facilities for students and there is plenty of flexibility across the summer break, Christmas, Easter and all year round.


Step 4: pack early

Make sure your boxes don’t weigh more than 25kg to ensure the safety of your things being transported. Don’t forget to label your boxes to make unpacking easier.


Step 5: Moving out day

  • Do a final, thorough check – take your time doing this to ensure you leave nothing
  • Pack a night bag so you have your toothbrush, pyjamas and towels handy
  • Gather a mini-toolkit including scissors and a knife for opening boxes on arrival
  • Double check you have the keys to your new house, or have arranged to collect them in advance
  • Ensure your mobile phone is fully charged
  • Label the kettle for essential drinks on arrival and pack some snacks

The BMS Transport team have been to university. No, we don’t have a degree in removals. But we do understand the importance of getting by as a student through affordable means. That’s why we provide low cost storage for students in South London and Surrey.


Universities we cover:

– University of Surrey
– University of Roehampton
– Royal Holloway University
– Kingston University
– St George’s University of London
– The American International University
– Richmond University

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