As your family grows, there comes a point when upsizing is the only option – especially if your new arrival is already on the way.

Moving to a larger home can be a challenge; as well as organising the relocation of your current belongings, you’re likely to need new furniture to fill the space, so timing is crucial to ensure your new goods are delivered in time for the move.


What should I consider before upsizing?


  1. Why do you need more space? Have a plan and find a home that works to it… Do you need more bedrooms for an expanding family? A bigger living room? Garden? Before you begin your house-hunt, write a list of must-haves and prioritise them.


  1. Think realistically! Have your current house valued before you start looking for your next property as it will give you a clearer idea of what you can actually afford.


  1. Consider the surroundings – If you are starting a family or already have young children, properties close to playgrounds, shops and schools can be a big advantage. Check out the local school and nursery performance reports and catchment areas before you buy.


  1. Budget for the furnishings – It goes without saying that a larger home will require more furniture to fill it. Measure your current furniture to check it will fit, otherwise you’re going to need to replace it as well as potentially buying more to fill any additional rooms.



At BMS, we pride ourselves in believing that no job is too small or big. This attitude has allowed us to grow with experience and knowledge in the removal industry. Whether it’s a one bedroom flat or a five-bedroom house – we have done it all.

We understand that moving is a stressful process, so we aim to give our customers a service that offers peace of mind. Our fully trained, uniformed and friendly staff will treat your possessions and the whole process with the utmost sensitivity, going the extra mile to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Even though we are based in south London, we can move you anywhere in the country.

Furniture delivery

Upsizing and in need of more furniture? Don’t worry, the move is in our hands, with our new offering of furniture pick-up, drop-off and assembly once we’ve delivered it.

You don’t need to be daunted by the thought of downsizing. There comes a time when most people’s lifestyles change and their current home no longer suits their needs.

When children ‘grow-up’ and move to university or into their own family home, their unused bedrooms often become storage spaces.

Aside from children flying the nest, you may need to downsize from a house to a bungalow for health reasons or to release funds for retirement. Whatever your reason, we can help make the move straightforward…

  1. Write a list of the items you cannot live without; then consider clearing out the rest.
  2. Three months before you plan to move, begin clearing out jam-packed cupboards and overflowing drawers.
  3. Measure your new rooms and compare them to your current house. Is their enough space to comfortably house your furniture? If not, it needs to go.
  4. If you have a garage or shed, begin here. They can then be used as storage areas when you pack away belongings from the house.
  5. Do you need 20 cups and saucers, pots and pans? Clear out the excess.
  6. If you’re struggling to decide what should stay or go; for the average downsize, keep only one-third to one-half of your belongings.
  7. When you’re ready to pack, keep organised by labelling by room; use a coordinating colour sticker or label numerically. Read our packing tips blog for more inspiration.


Packaging service:

Many of our customers tell us that packing is a headache they would prefer to avoid as it can be time consuming and requires a degree of planning if done properly. Our staff are experts in this area and we can guarantee the job will be done cleanly, swiftly and most importantly leaving your valuables in one piece.

Storage service:

We can provide short or long-term storage for your household items in a clean and secure facility. If you have a space of time between moving from your old home and moving into your new property, we can store your items during this time. When your new property is ready, we can bring your items out of storage and continue with your move.



One month to go…

The key to a successful moving day is organisation.

  1. Book your move with BMS Transport in advance to guarantee availability. Then book the day off work.
  2. Get hold of some boxes and start packing early – if you’ve got a free weekend, start boxing up the belongings you hardly ever use first.
  3. Move room-by-room – take on one room at a time and label every box you pack.
  4. Sort as-you-go – if you don’t need it, donate it to charity, sell it or throw it. Moving to a new house is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start.
  5. Pack light – you’re going to have a lot of boxes to move so don’t overload boxes with heavy items you’re going to struggle to carry.

One week to go…

Let people know your new address. Notify your:

  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • School
  • Employer
  • Utilities providers
  • Council (tax)
  • DVLA
  • Phone provider
  • Broadband provider
  • Bank
  • Insurance companies
  • Redirect your mail

Top tip: Check through your bank statement – anyone who you’ve got a Direct Debit with will need to know your new address.

One day to go…

The big day is finally here

  • Have you got your new keys? Or is someone meeting you at your new property?
  • Make a note of your meter readings and write them down in your diary.
  • Print out or draw up a floor plan of your new house then let your removals company know which items need to go where. Consider numbering the rooms and boxes.
  • Do you have children or pets? Drop them off with a family or friend for the day if possible so you can focus on the move.
  • Pack up some food and drink for moving day – it’s hungry work so have sandwiches and snacks to hand. Don’t forget to leave the kettle somewhere accessible too.
  • Give your former property a thorough clean so it’s ready for the new occupiers.


We all know that moving isn’t the most relaxing time in our lives. At BMS Transport, we help as much as we can by making this process as stress-free as possible. Here are some tips for you help:

Packing your Clothes

  • Don’t fold your clothes. Roll them up and stack them into boxes.
  • Use shower caps to pack your shoes.
  • Place small objects in your shoes to maximise space gain.
  • Use vacuum seal bags and compress them with your out of season clothes inside. It also makes them easy to recognise to put them away when unpacking.
  • Use any bedding, towels, blankets, curtains and linens for wrapping and padding your furniture and small items.


Packing your Jewellery

  • To keep your necklaces from tangling, place them in between two sheets of plastic air and remove the air bubbles.
  • Pack earrings by clipping them to button holes on a button.
  • Place your jewellery and small valuables in a standalone bag and keep them with you for safe keeping.
  • Refrain from packing them with your clothes.
  • Store earrings and rings in pill cases. You can also use other small containers and even egg cartons.


Packing your Furniture

  • Place towels under furniture that have no legs. This makes it easier to move the furniture about, especially if it’s heavy.
  • If the furniture does have legs, wrap them with a few layers of newspaper and duct tape. This makes the furniture easier to move around as well as protects your floors from being scratched.
  • Unscrew any handles that stick out to avoid them snapping off or scratching any walls.
  • Wrap chest of drawers in plastic wrap. Secure the wrap with a couple of loops of duct tape to ensure the wrap stays intact.
  • Keep your mattress clean by placing two sheets either side. You can then place the sheets in the washing machine so they are clean again


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