Pre-Move Day Check Sheet

To ensure our clients’ move goes as smoothly as possible, we provide a handy checklist that can be referred to during the lead-up to the move day.

We have broken up the checklist into managable sections, and you can also download and print a handy PDF version using the link provided.

If you have any questions about your move, please don’t hesitate to get in contact, and we will we will do our best to assist you.

PDF Checklist

Let us know if there are any specific requirements on the move date:

Time the team should arrive

  • We usually aim to be on site between 8.30am and 9.30am
  • Unless agreed otherwise

Parking restrictions

  • Parking is strictly customer responsibility
  • Parking available close to property
  • If you require suspensions then we can arrange this for you or you can do it yourself with your local council
  • We will charge £50 as admin fee + council charges
  • Need to contact 7-10 working days prior to move to arrange suspensions

Stairs/ flights of stairs etc.

  • If video surveys please inform us of any access issues etc.
  • Flight of stairs
  • Lift availability
  • Let us know if lifts are in working order

Packing your own personal belongings

  • High value items such as cash, jewellery, watches, and important documents are not covered in our insurance so it is your job to ensure you arranges for them to be transported.
  • Make sure you keep important keys with you at all times, especially car keys


  • Usually we will dismantle and reassemble furniture unless otherwise stated
  • If there are basic items such as beds and wardrobes we will do this in the quoted price
  • If there are anything that is awkward or time consuming then there will be extra charges which we will advise you of at time of quote
  • If you are dismantling your own furniture make sure you know where the screws are
  • Ideally tape them with the furniture you have taken it from

Pets and children

  • Pets can struggle on move day and it can be quite stressful for them, they can also get in the way of our team so it is best to either keep them in one room or the best scenario is to arrange for friends or family members to look after them
  • This can also apply to small children

High value items

  • If there are anything that is of high value or anything that exceeds the value of £5,000 then we are to be advised of this and declared at the time of booking.
  • This is so we can insure these items separately
  • We are fully insured but we limit our cover to £40 per item in the event of a damage or loss. You can opt to extend your cover up to the value of £50,000 but there will be additional charges for this.

If items are going into storage and you require an inventory then please advise us of this at time of booking


  • If you have chosen removal only then please ensure that you are packed and ready to move by the time the crew arrive on site
  • If you are not ready then you may incur additional charges
  • Black bags are not ideal for stacking and will waste space in the removal vehicle
  • Make sure boxes are labelled properly, ideally where you would like them to end up in your new property

On the day of move we will usually bring:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Blankets
  • Bags to protect mattresses
  • Sofa covers


  • Make sure you have sourced boxes and packaging materials in advance of move day
  • Make sure you get good quality boxes, singled wall boxes tend to be quite weak and break easily
  • Banana boxes are not good as they cannot be stacked properly
  • We can provide boxes and if it is not quoted then you can buy these from us at a discounted rate

Pack boxes appropriately

Use plenty of packaging to protect fragile items. The rule of thumb is that nothing should move once inside boxes and if the box is dropped nothing should break.


  • Books, plates and other fragile items

Large boxes:

  • Clothes and large items

Tall boxes:

  • Bed linen and soft furnishing

Be kind when packing your own boxes as we too have backs

Fragile Packing

  • If you have opted for fragile packing then please note that we will only be packing breakables and fragile items
  • We will bring materials to protect picture frames, T.V’s, mattresses, sofas and furniture will be protected by blankets
  • Usually this service is done in 1 day unless otherwise stated depending on volume and distance
  • Our team will be instructed on what to pack prior to move as per the survey
  • If you have queries of what we will be doing and what is required from you then please do not hesitate to speak with your move manager


  • We will bring the necessary boxes on the day to pack only the fragile items
  • If you require boxes for the remainder of the property then please advise us of this at time of booking
  • If boxes are not included in the quote then additional charges will apply
  • If boxes are included then we will arrange convenient time for us to deliver boxes once you have paid your deposit and sent us your quote acceptance

Packing the remainder (non fragile items)

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the remainder of the property is packed and ready to be moved
  • Make sure the items you have packed are labelled accordingly to rooms they will end up in

What’s included

  • Usually everything is included in the quote
  • Boxes, materials, labour, vehicles etc.
  • We will bring everything with us on the day of the move
  • Usually 90% of the items will be loaded on the 1st day
  • if there are anything that you require then please keep it aside and advise us not to pack

Long distance moves

  • If we are going long distance 200 miles plus then we tend to do an overnight
  • We will pack + load + travel day 1 and deliver and travel back day 2 (typical scenario- but this will vary according to requirements of move)

This is the premium service, the type where you can sit back and relax. All we ask is that you take care of the following things:

  • High value and sentimental items
  • Parking

Things to remember

  • By doing an inventory, you are taking responsibility for what you are telling us
  • We will provide quotes based on the information you have given us
  • Please be clear and precise
  • We can and will charge if the move is as not explained via inventory sheet correctly
  • If there are restrictions then let us know well in advance so we can be prepared

Please note

  • Full balance to be cleared 5 days prior to move
  • Payments can be made via bank transfer, credit card, debit card, cash
  • Cheques will require 7 working days to clear
  • We can accept cheque for deposit payment but not final balance


  • Cancellation or change of date will incur the following charges:
    • Within 5 days- 35% of total move value
      Within 3 days- 50% of the total move value
      Within 1 day prior to move- 75% of move value
      On the day of move- 100% of the move value


    Our Values

    At BMS we conduct our services in line with a set of values we believe build the core foundation for our business.

    • Integrity

      Trusted in what we do

    • To manage expectations

      Deliver what we promise

    • Time and effort

      To go the extra mile

    Environmental Policy

    Our ‘Promise’ is to maximise and improve our efficiency by utilising all our people, their time, our fleet, the fuel and the disposal of waste. We have improved the impact we have on the environment by purchasing 4 of the least polluting Euro 6 Luton Vans for our London delivery fleet at a cost in excess of £100k. This action was ahead of the Transport for London ULEZ deadline earlier in 2019. We consolidate our recyclable waste, limiting the journeys, minimising the number of loads to the nearest Recycle Stations. All our staff including the drivers and porters are regularly retrained in all aspects of the handling and disposal of waste. We rely on the constant feedback from our staff, our customers and respond effectively to any new challenge. We can always do better.